Risk Management and Rosters: Sapient Global Markets Goes Major League

“Your roster is no different than a portfolio of securities. Those are your assets. That’s what you’ve put your investment in, so it only makes sense that you should monitor your assets.”

In a recent article posted by the Boston Globe, I detailed  how Sapient Global Market’s risk management models can reach beyond banking and become useful to major sports. Essentially, the best formulas and calculations used within the banking industry are also likely to improve the manner in which sports, specifically baseball for the time being, protect their players and make financial decisions.

Banks are required to manage the securities of their portfolios on a daily basis. In order to do so efficiently, they need to gauge against various exceptional occasions that could happen that could conceivably influence that portfolio. We demonstrate against that and the same formula can be used in baseball..

We can build models for each circumstance, including however not restricted to individual players, by taking the information that is noteworthy to every group and basing recipes and computations to bolster their requirements. Our models can be used when determining free agency selections, finding a player’s best qualities and shortcomings, deciding which player is the right for certain positions, and so on. Simply put, the measurements of our modes are endless

Just as banks, major league sports teams face many monetary constraints. These regulations make it troublesome for banks to profit as they can. These constraints often lead to teams placing much of their accentuation on acquiring the right players. We’ve been working with these banks to qualify their risks and you can apply the same ideas in sports.

For more information on Sapient Global Market risk management in the major leagues visit Bostonglobe.com

Risk Management and Rosters: Sapient Global Markets Goes Major League

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